Grab Your Camera. Spring Migration is Happening Now!

Spring is in the air! That means hundreds of migrating birds are heading north across the Gulf from Central and South America and Galveston is one of their first stops.

If you’re a bird-watcher or nature photographer, you may already know that the Galveston FeatherFest Birding and Nature Photo Festival is coming up April 6-9. Leading up to the festival, photographers are invited to submit images of wild birds taken in Galveston and surrounding counties. Contest details are here.

The winners each week will be announced on Wednesdays and posted here.

For a little inspiration, the nice folks at Galveston Nature Tourism Council allowed us to assemble this slide show of winners from the 2016 contest.

Be sure to mark your calendar for April 6-9 for the Galveston Birding and Nature Photo Festival and head down to the island.  You are sure to learn something and see some really cool birds!

If you want to participate in any of the trips or workshops, be sure to register early. Many of the events sell out well in advance.



Galveston Financial Capital: Starting Your Business


  1. What basic skills do I need to run a business?
  2. What business should I choose?
  3. What do I need to start my business?
  4. How long will it take to start a small business?
  5. How can I get my business certified as minority or women owned?
  6. What insurance should I have?
  7. Do I need to obtain a Federal Identification Number?

What basic skills do I need to run a business?

Starting a business can be challenging and previous business experience can be an important success factor. First hand knowledge of business and its four functional areas – management, operations, marketing, finance – and an understanding of the role of technology, contribute to a solid foundation and provide a basis for making informed business decisions.

What business should I choose?

Business experience is a plus, and the right kind of experience gives you an edge. Having worked in the industry you choose for your new business gives you insight and know-how that can be invaluable. Combine your background in the industry with strong management skills and you are on your way to success.

What do I need to start my business?

The Texas Road Map to Starting a Business contains directions to get your business off the ground and help strengthen our state economy along the way. This booklet covers eight essential steps to starting a new business.

How can I get my business certified as minority or women owned?

Federal, state and local government agencies as well as large private sector corporations have different eligibility requirements and application processes for certifying your business. The common denominator is that the business MUST be at lease 51% owned and controlled by one or more individuals who are eligible for certification. Consult your target customer to determine which certification(s) they accept. Then, learn the requirements and rules to determine if you are eligible to apply.

What insurance should I have?

An important aspect of your business is a well-planned insurance program. Types of insurance you should consider are:

  • Property Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Disability Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance

Do I need to obtain a Federal Identification Number?

Sole proprietorships without employees can use the proprietor’s social security number as a business identification number, providing the proprietor uses his or her own name for the business. Using a different name and/or hiring employees requires obtaining a federal identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number).


Bricon Associates Pte Ltd – Health Insurance


Health Coverage from:

AXA Health Insurance

Raffles Health Insurance

Health insurance is a true necessity in today’s modern world. If you’re worried about the cost of health insurance then there are a number of schemes designed to help you pay. It’s a lot cheaper than the costs you can accrue when you don’t have health insurance. Our health insurers are Raffles Health Insurance and AXA. With these we offer a broad range of healthcare policies.

Health insurance covers medical costs, dental bills, and covers you in case of accidents and things of that nature. How much your health insurance costs depends on things like pre-existing conditions but, if you have pre-existing conditions, it becomes all the more important for you to pick up health insurance today.

Japan Company Trust Organization: News Release

An international conference about fraud in Japan was held at a Tokyo Hotel. The conference was organized by NICE Actimize which is world’s largest and broadest provider of financial crimes prevention solutions.

The agenda of conference was “Mitigating fraud in Japan, combating new fraud threats”. Since Japan Company Trust Organization (JCTO) is supporting all forums for internet and Banking frauds, Mr. Hiromasa Suzuki director of JCTO attended the forum as Chairman of the conference. The participates addressed the conference about risk of internet and Banking fraud.

The main topics discussed were:

– Misuse of information and dispute resolution

– How to tackle Cyber-attack and Cyber-security

– How to prevent internet fraud

– Fraud risk management framework for financial institutions

– How to implement a successful internal fraud strategy

– Closing the fraud intelligence gap and role of the National Police Agency of Japan

– Lessons learned in deploying an effective cross-channel fraud prevention strategy

The participates from well-known fraud prevention agencies including National Police Agency (NPA) of Japan also answered questions from the audience and give valuable advice against cyber-crimes.


Harmony Chinese Takeaway Review: A captivating local takeaway

As one of the people living locally in Bournemouth, I see Harmony Chinese Takeaway as the best local takeaway. Its Chinese cuisine is incomparable to others. Its friendly service also makes us enjoy their food. They are the best providers of delicious Chinese foods in our area. You can be certain that each dish is served with delicious flavors. In particular, their beef and chicken were always cooked in good quality with good sized portions. People should try their chicken balls because they were so tasty and were viewed as the biggest ones.

Preparing their food is based on high standards, so it’s no doubt that customers will be astonished by their service and food, especially with their quick delivery and honest serving. Tourists also consider Harmony Chinese Takeaway as a place that only offers awesome and outstanding Chinese food in Bournemouth.

Harmony is one of those rare takeaways that everyone liked, their food made every person who’s not fond of Chinese cuisine love them. We tried a lot of different Chinese restaurants but this particular takeaway got our attention. Since all of their food was delicious, you can’t choose which one is your favorite since every dish offers a different taste and has a wonderful flavor.

With its good reviews, it seems that most of their customers can’t help but to come back again to the place to experience its good food. Even when you accidentally made a mistake when you ordered online, they could handle such situation properly. A customer can truly depend on Harmony Chinese Takeaway in providing superb food and service.

Personally, this place has been close to my heart ever since the day I began ordering their food. Though the time is short, I often chat with its people and have a good time. Waiting for my food to finish has never been this rewarding. With them, I now found the place where I’ll always buy worthwhile food. Anyone living in Bournemouth, as well as its surrounding areas, should try the food at Harmony Chinese Takeaway.


Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning: Why you need a professional HVAC installation?


Getting a professional HVAC installation from Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning delivers an easy and hassle-free process. Trustworthy companies like them can provide reliable assistance in every step, from choosing the best furnace and air conditioning system to completing and checking the installation, to ensure that you will enjoy maximum home comfort.

In order to calculate the capacity your new HVAC system will need, their team carefully evaluates your home and your daily needs first. You might choose a new HVAC system that over or underpowered your needs without this information, which can result in poor performance, low air quality, high monthly bills, and greater strain on the system. Based on reviews, Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning does a great job in pairing your needs with the right HVAC system, resulting in efficient heating and cooling of your home. You can achieve a great indoor environment with their chosen furnace and air conditioner.

If you don’t have the necessary skills and tools, it would be better to entrust the installation of your HVAC system to the professionals instead. Some homeowners believe that they can do the job properly, but they only end up damaging their new HVAC system and experience stress and growth in their expenses. Hiring a dependable company like Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning is an easy, smart, and cost-effective choice.

Proper installation is the key to an efficient and durable HVAC system. You might notice poor performance and higher energy bills once your heating and cooling appliances are not functioning effectively due to poor installation. You can be certain that your system is going to installed properly and functions with the maximum efficiency if you choose professional installation. With this, you can achieve the home environment you want and the savings you’re looking forward to on your heating and cooling bills.

Choose the professional HVAC installation of Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning today and witness their team do an excellent job as they have been fulfilling several people HVAC needs since 1939. You can trust their team with installations on everything – from ventilation to heating systems and water heaters. You also can find quality HVAC products and solutions on their website and inquire for different products such as alternative heating systems like boilers, hot boilers or water heaters. Avoid fraud services online when looking for a dependable HVAC company near you, by any chance, search for any service protection tips online.

Human Capital Alliance Inc. Thailand, Singapore: The Winning Edge

Human Capital Alliance recently published “The Winning Edge-Two Decades of Asian Business Leadership”.

This year, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary at Human Capital Alliance. We are pleased to publish “The Winning Edge-Two Decades of Asian Business Leadership” as a tribute to our stakeholders, especially our clients throughout Asia.

We have been successful during the past decade because our leaders and consultants have melded their decades of business experience and knowledge of Asia and North America to deliver much-needed value-added advisory services.

During the past decade, we have continuously attempted to stay ahead-of-the curve to provide leading cutting-edge services to our customers and we hope to continue doing so in the up-coming decades.

We hope The Winning Edge will provide additional insight into how we viewed the past and how we consider the future sustainability of business in Asia.

2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Deluxe (Demo) – Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda

Experienced riders have come to appreciate the Interceptor as one of the best sportbike motorcycles on the road. And with the introduction of the VFR800 Deluxe, the best just got even better. With new features including traction control, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), self-cancelling turn signals, a centerstand and heated grips, the VFR800 Deluxe just took the Interceptor to a whole new level.

The perfect complement to the Interceptor’s triple-disc-brake system, the Anti-Lock Brakes on the sportbike motorcycle provide the assurance riders want and need on unfamiliar roads, uneven road surfaces and compromised traction. Plus, Honda’s Traction Control system is designed to limit rear wheel slipping during a hard acceleration or during acceleration on low traction surfaces. It’s the added confidence that can only come from Honda track-tested, advanced engineering.

Smart bikes have smart features. The VFR800 Deluxe outshines with self-cancelling turn signals that automatically self-cancel after they detect that you’ve completed a turn or a lane change. Taking off on a cold morning? Switch on the supersport motorcycle’s grip heaters for added comfort. Add to that a centerstand, and it all adds up to a highly versatile street bike motorcycle that is capable of sport riding as well as long-haul touring. Nimble, agile and a rider-friendly powerband, it’s the choice of riders who want it all.


The Petersen Group: What to Do Before Buying a House

My partner and I had just moved in to our new home a year ago after a long renting scheme but it was almost 2 years since we had actually bought the house. We underwent a lot of paper works and legalization processes before finally reaching a final decision. As first time buyers, we have consulted a lot of advices and reviewed countless of guide articles on what initial steps to take before buying a house.

After meeting with Mark, an agent working with The Petersen Group which we hired as custom home builder, we have learned a few friendly tips which really helped us in choosing the best home for us:

  1. Think of the Long Term Circumstances

If you are living together like me and my partner, you should ask yourself of your plans for the future which, in time, is inevitable. Are you planning to have kids? Are you expecting family members and friends to stay over every now and then? You may be planning to stay in your new home for only a few years. If the time comes to sell your home, who is your target audience? What are the key areas around which are accessible?

  1. Make a list

When buying a pre-furnished home, you may not agree with one design but like how the placement of things is in the other room. Make sure to list your preferences before visiting houses. You can just cross out your list and compare later on which house is the most compatible with your likings.

  1. Consider the Expenses

It makes a lot of difference if you are planning to buy a house in the developed city of Los Angeles, California than a house in Jakarta, Indonesia. When budgeting for the house, don’t stop with principal, interest, taxes and insurance; add in utilities, cost of commuting and upgrades.

  1. Better to Buy in Cash

One of the advantages of cash is you get discounts but it fairs more than that. In today’s competitive market where buyers are getting aggressive to owning a house within prime locations, purchasing a house in cash gives an edge in securing the home before any competitor can. Bottom line is, a seller wants to know how quickly they can gain money and paying in cash assures faster processing. However, you don’t have to force yourself if you don’t have ready cash or you’ll end up with bank complaints.